Openquest is a digital solution company, created in 2004, with a proven history of innovative solution development, taking into consideration each client’s needs. We are also known for our constant search of excellence in each of the projects we develop, taking to the limits the latest Web technologies available.

While developing systems driven to satisfying the companies and organizations specific needs with which we work with, we enable the maximization of your business alongside your target audience: clients, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders and the community in general. For such, we use, as the base development, products framed in Opensource, allowing complete freedom that our clients deserve.

It should be noted that nowadays a website is much more than just a mere institutional presence, - it´s a powerful marketing tool capable of generating results and professional long lasting relationships. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a company that, not only understands this matter, but that also fights to break the status quo of what is understood to be Web Development – producing, thus, a one and only groundbreaking solution capable of responding to the specific needs of your business.

We are a team of dynamic elements, specialized in several areas essential to our work. Our professionalism and experience are key elements to our success.

What motivates us is to work on exciting projects, where we have the freedom to give wings to the imagination and bring the current technologies to the limit in order to develop a solution that can generate results for our clients.

It is essential for any company to have strategic partners capable of complementing their services and products. Nowadays, the digital world has a growing importance in the business world, which makes Openquest an excellent partner to ensure you do not miss good business opportunities that require a specialized and experienced team in IT.

Openquest stands out from the competition due to its capacity for innovation and extensive experience in the area, which translates to a very great desire to develop not only small-scale projects, as well as more ambitious projects.


Become our partner and see your range of services increasing, as well as your commissions.


  • Expand your repertoire of offered services;
  • It requires no investment on your part - earn commissions on all the deals you bring;
  • No need for internal resources to develop projects in these areas;

Our commercial department handles your customer - we just need a good contact or reference;