Prime Assets is a company dedicated to helping wealthy individuals and companies to take profit from investment opportunities made possible by globalization: wealth, mobility and diversification of assets are the three essential pieces of our work.

For wealthy individuals and families, business owners and investors in general, today’s mobility represents an incredible chance to optimize personal and business planning. Investing in a country like Portugal, which is politically stable, well located and full of investment opportunities at very attractive prices, is certainly a good choice.

Moreover, the residence program for non-EU nationals created a few years ago offers a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to have multiple residences as a way of increasing their freedom of travel, security, quality of life, and financial and estate planning options. Nowadays, having the option to reside in more than one country is something that most affluent families desire, and providing children with future options of living, working and studying in several countries can help them achieve international success.

Every investor or entrepreneur who wishes to invest outside his country can find in Portugal an excellent target place as well as a second home and in our firm a partner to rely on.

Two of the most attractive programs for outside investors are the Golden Visa and the NHR Tax Regime that we summarize below.

The Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program (Golden Visa) is a five-year investment-based residence program for non-EU nationals. The residence permit allows free circulation in the Schengen Zone of 26 states and only requires an average of seven days per year stay in Portugal over this period, which can also count towards citizenship eligibility after six years. The investment can be made directly through an individual or a company in an EU member state with a presence in Portugal. The real estate investment option is €500,000, the Capital Transfer is €1M, and the job creation option requires the creation of 10 jobs. These are interchangeable.

The Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime (NHR) is a ten-year tax regime for foreigners who live in Portugal either permanently or temporarily. It does not require an investment and has been created to attract highly qualified talent, pensioners and also high net worth individuals to Portugal. Key benefits of the regime include: a 20% flat tax rate; tax exemption on foreign income; no wealth tax in Portugal; and 100% gift and inheritance tax exemption for spouses, descendants and parents. Since 2012 over 2,000 citizens, mainly from France, the United Kingdom and other EU countries, have bought property in Portugal, mostly for holiday or second home purposes.

Prime Assets will help you throughout the whole process. First, we identify our client’s profile and then define an investment strategy that matches the client’s goals and needs. We then move to the implementation phase, in which we take care of every detail, from searching the right investment to presenting it to the client and then, if approved, defining the best way to make it happen in the most profitable way. After the investment is implemented we maintain a very close follow-up in order to keep it stable and profitable and to ensure that the investor’s interests are well represented in Portugal. In cases where the investor wants to apply to the residence program, we can help in other ways such as finding accommodation for his family or a school for his children.